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The Best Solution For UK/EU Fulfilment

Keep access to the UK & EU market seamless by fulfilling your products from Northern Ireland.

An “unbelievably special position”

With the introduction of the Windsor framework1, Goods landed in Northern Ireland, are simultaneously in the UK and European Economic Area (EEA). This means N.I. is the only place in the world you can ship to both the UK and EU from one warehouse without any customs issues or delays on shipments.

β€œ…when Brexit came, I thought I thought it would be massive trouble, I could not afford managing to stocks. Finding Franklins was a life saver, I ship my products direct from the States into Northern Ireland and its like the whole fiasco never happened.”

Daniel E

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We Ecommerce Well

Our Staff is a blend of ecommerce experts & fulfilment experts. Meaning unlike others. We have been in your shoes. We know what it means to loose stock, miss shipments or not keeping ahead of the game.

What We Can Do For You…

We are here to be your guys on the ground. We can help in a variety of ways. Just get in touch to see if we can get what you need sorted for you…

Fulfilment & Storage

Fulfilment for your business ecommerce or B2B orders


Handling returns for your goods


Customer Service

A tasty treat for any time of the day

Contact Us For An Unbeatable Offer

We have very competitive rates with a host of benefits.

Multiple Integrations

We can integrate with all common shopping carts as well as custom built solutions.

Fulfilment Services πŸ“¦

Our comprehensive warehousing and inventory management services allow us to fulfil customer orders on your behalf.

International Shipping 🌎

We provide reliable and secure global logistics services to help you manage your international supply chain.


Our Storage Facility is insured to handle all non-perishables including battery-containing products and fragile objects like glass.

Our Location

We are a member of the UK Warehousing Association and offer top-notch logistics services in Northern Ireland. We are your one-stop shop enabling you to serve your UK and EU customers from one warehouse.